Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand sanitiser is also known as hand antiseptic, hand rub or alcohol rub and commonly seen in doctors waiting rooms, hospital entrances or schools. So why now has it become such a hot topic?

Health Organisations and the Government are stipulating the need for regular hand washing or sanitising with hand sanitising gel throughout the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hand sanitiser stations have become a necessity in both public and private spaces. With the “wash your hands” messaging more important than ever before.

We make custom designed, portable, hand sanitiser stations that can be positioned in retail spaces, supermarkets, at pharmacies, on petrol station forecourts, any spaces where people come together.

Made from an industrial PVC, with strengthened legs, these commercial sanitiser stations are sturdy and weatherproof, ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Use one of our ‘off the shelf’ designs below, or work with our expert design team to create a bespoke hand sanitiser station, designed and manufactured to your liking.

Available sizes:

  • 1 dispenser: 80 x 150cm
  • 4 dispensers: 150 x 130cm
  • 6 dispensers: 200 x 130cm

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1 dispenser: 80 x 150cm

4 dispensers: 150 x 130cm

6 dispensers: 200 x 130cm

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