Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Make it easy for customers to get around your premises and venues with social distancing. Remind them of COVID rules, one-way systems, mask wearing, hand sanitising, and other pandemic requirements. We make bright, durable floor stickers designed to withstand footfall in retail, exhibition, sports, hospitality and other public spaces.

  • Anti-slip and scuff resistant
  • Eye-catching colours, text and graphics
  • Options for different floor types and required ease of removal
  • Sold singly or in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100, prices from £3.50+VAT
  • Fast ordering and delivery
  • Customise with your logo, brand colours or own design for no additional charge

We offer a choice of sizes in 3 different vinyl options:

Standard Indoor Vinyl

Ideal for short to mid-term indoor floor graphics. Scratch and scuff resistant with an R10 anti-slip rated surface. Ideal for shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, and indoor public spaces. Conforms to B1 fire rating

Premium Indoor Vinyl

A 2-part system of indoor floor vinyl and textured laminate has a quality print finish and good scuff resistance. The adhesive allows for quick and easy removal of temporary floor signs without leaving adhisive residue. R10 anti-slip rating and B1 fire rating.

Premium Outdoor Vinyl

Heavy duty, long lasting outdoor floor vinyl specially engineered for applying graphics to tarmac, pavements, concrete, walls etc.

Multi layered for flexibility, strength, and crack resistance.

Excellent print quality for vibrant outdoor graphics.

High scratch resistance and an R12 anti-slip rating plus B1 and M1 fire ratings.

Sizes and Shapes

We make 10 different sizes to suit different premises and floor plans. There are 5 square sizes and 5 rectangle sizes, all available in the 3 different vinyls. Each size comes in a choice of 5 colours, OR we will customise the colours to match any brand colours at no extra cost. We will add a logo as well, again at no extra cost.

There is also an option to print your own design in each of the size/vinyl options.

Get in touch and our team will work with you to create a package that suits your requirements.

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