Vintage Photo Wall Hire

Our vintage photo wall recreates a vintage living room with photo frames on the walls that come alive! Guests stand behind and pose in the picture frames with a variety of props. The result is an irresistible sense of fun and some memorable photos! The walls come with an assortment of vintage props including a chaise longue and suitcases full of hats, glasses and word props.

Our vintage photo wall hire is ideal for weddings where family and guests can get in on the act. Wedding photographers love the walls because it gives a perfect focus for some amusing photos to add to the wedding album.

You can even hang your own family photos on the photo wall in a novel way to share the nostalgia with your guests, albeit your parents wedding photo or cheeky flashback school photos of the bride and groom!

Our vintage photo walls can also be used for corporate events and parties, product launches, charity fundraising events and marketing activities.

The vintage photo wall works well in an outdoor setting and brings your living room to life outside, whether in a beautiful garden setting or the grounds of a barn or hotel lawn. Unlike photo booths, this installation requires no power or outdoor generator, so reliable vintage at its best. It will still work in the rain too!

The vintage wall is delivered and set up on the day of your event or wedding, leaving you to ‘strike a pose’ with your guests capturing great photo opportunities. We’ll then come to collect when the party is over.

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