Virtual Reality Boards

Put yourself in the picture!

Bring your photo board to life with Virtual Reality! Use your smartphone to add 3D animated effects and personal touches to your Photo CutOut board. Choose from falling snow, confetti, seashells and much much more! You can add a unique message or personal video for your guests to enjoy. You can even share your snaps straight to social media for further engagement. The app is easily downloaded and available on Android, iPhone and iPad.

This isn’t the virtual reality where you put on special goggles and walk around bumping into things and getting dizzy! All you need for this is a smartphone and a pair of eyes. Things appear on the phone screen in 2D and 3D that appear to be ‘there’ in front of the picture of the board! So lots of people can look at the animations at the same time without needing any special equipment. Perfect for parties and social events!

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