Photo Board Themes

We started with traditional Seaside photo cut outs and then branched out with a range of themes that have proven just as popular. See below to find a photo cutout board to suit your event, or ask us for a custom board made to your requirements.

Wedding photo cutouts are a hit because they create great photo memories of the big day. We have a range of traditional, humorous photo op boards for weddings, or you can order a custom board from us with the bride and groom’s names and a special message.

Christmas photo cutouts are great to promote a business in December, either standalone or accompanying a Santa’s grotto. Request a bespoke head in the hole board with your company logo on it, or pick one from our range featuring Santa, elves, gingerbread man, snowman and other festive characters.

Seasonal photo cutouts are for Easter and Halloween as well as Christmas. As with all our ranges, hire or buy depending on your needs. If you need a board for any seasonal event, ask us and we’ll make you a custom one just how you want!

Adult photo boards are for grown ups and bring cheeky laughs to 18+ parties, club nights, and anywhere else where you want your adult crowd to fall over themselves with laughter.

Our unique pop up art gallery takes face in hole pictures to a whole new level. We’ve given classic portraits the face in hole treatment, and it’s really funny. This is a set of large multi-hole boards than can be arranged in the format of an art gallery, with space for guests to stand behind and poke their faces through to comic effect. You won’t find an attraction quite like this anywhere else!

Custom photo cutouts are face in the hole boards we make specially for customers as one-offs. We work with the customer on the design until it is absolutely perfect before printing and delivering it. Custom photo op boards are perfect for promoting businesses, products or causes and for charity fundraising. We can include #hashtags, URLs, logos, phone numbers or any other insignia to help promote the message, whether for marketing or fundraising purposes or just for fun.

Our Party photo booths are our take on the wedding photo booth craze. Instead of an automatic camera, we provide a more traditional photo booth for guests to take photos with their own cameras and smartphones. With lots of silly props and different backgrounds, our photo booths are a great source of fun and laughs at weddings and parties.

Photo Wall hire is a bit of vintage fun. Resembling a living room of yesteryear, our photo walls have picture frames to pose in, with other guests in the foreground. Vintage props and chaises longues complete the picture to great effect. Check them out on the photo wall page and you’ll get the idea. These are very popular!

If you have a particular requirement please drop us a line with as detailed a request as possible to and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

Photo Board Themes


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