Inspired by the film The Greatest Showman, we have created three circus themed face-in-hole boards for you to really put on a show for your customers, employees or charity donors!

These traditional face-in-hole boards hark back to the times of circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum, on whose life The Greatest Showman is based. Like all our boards they are printed in high resolution with accurate colour reproduction and applied to weatherproof foamex PVC board before we cut out the face holes. They are then mounted on sturdy aluminium legs for stability. If requested these boards can be customised with your logo, messages, hashtags, URLs, phone numbers or any other insignia you wish for a small extra fee.

Every time we start a new range of boards we design three or four to get the idea going, then we’re open to new ideas. So if you think you have a better idea for a circus-themed face-in-hole board, let us know and we’ll probably make it!

The three boards in this new range are:

Lion Tamer People did all kinds of daft things for entertainment back in the days of Barnum’s circus. One or two thought it was a good idea to put their heads in lion’s mouths (it was probably a good idea to feed the lion first.) Roll up and be the lion tamer and his glamorous assistant!

Bearded Lady The Bearded Lady is a super photo opportunity! The Victorians loved her, and so will people at your events. Half the fun is getting your face positioned just right so that your nose is in the right place. The typeface used in the top banner is true to the era of P.T. Barnum.

Circus Crew This three-hole board features the ringmaster, a trapeze artist and a vertically challenged person (the one in Barnum’s circus was the famous General Tom Thumb). This board lets three people get in the spotlight for a memorable photo opportunity!

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