Charity Toolkit

We have had the pleasure of working with a number of charities over the years including the National Trust, Sense Deaf Blind, Poppy Scotland, World Animal Protection, RSPCA, Dogs Trust and the Hubbub Foundation. These charities along with many others have all used products within our charity tool kit to assist with awareness of their charity and for fundraising opportunities.

Our photo cut out boards are a unique marketing tool. They can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit the number of face holes and the target audience using the photo opportunity board.

The addition of social profiles helps create buzz around the campaign, encouraging users of the peep board to share across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, helping to boost awareness.

We also print oversized novelty cheques for those PR opportunities to promote fundraising activities. Our charity cheques are printed in 3 sizes and are available as both single use and reusable dry-wipe options. We also offer a range of fun speech bubbles that can be printed with the logo of the charity or as a dry wipe option. These handy props encourage interaction at fundraising events to promote your campaign, using hashtags or straplines for the charity.

If you have a particular requirement please drop us a line with your detailed request to and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

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