Answers to most common questions.
How long can I hire the Photo Cutouts boards for?

You can hire the Photo Cutout boards from 1 day to 7 days dependent on your event. Just let us know what you are planning and we will be happy to offer you an affordable quote.

How are the Photo Cutout boards delivered?

The Photo Cutout boards are delivered either by our own staff or by courier in secure packaging. Hirers will need to retain the packaging for return collection after the event.

Do I need any tools to assemble these?

The boards are easy to assemble and no specialist tools are required. The stand attaches to the frame with just four bolts, for which you will simply need a 10mm spanner.

What size are the Photo Cutout boards?

Sizes start from 1.5m high by 0.8m wide. The dimensions are given with each product description on this site, including where they differ from standard.

Can I use the Photocut out boards outside on grass?

The stands are sturdy and stable enough to be used outside and will resist moderate wind, so there is no need for heavy sandbags or other weights to get in the way or to trip over!

What happens if they get wet when used outside?

The images are made from a laminated vinyl so there is no chance of the board getting damaged, just wet faces for those that put their heads in the hole. In fact why not use them as ‘Soakers’ and sponge your teachers or your boss?!