Seaside Photo Boards


We can create boards using our ‘off the shelf’ designs below, or we can create a bespoke face-in-the-hole board that is designed and manufactured to your liking. Our aim is to create an effective yet unique marketing tool, for use in retail premises, at events and festivals or at exhibitions and trade shows.

We design and make the much-loved traditional seaside face in hole boards that form a cherished part of our coastal heritage. If you have ever been for a stroll on the pier and put your head through a peep board, then you will understand our intention – recapturing great photo memories from the seaside.

Also known as seaside cutout boards, peep boards or head-through-the-hole boards, one or more of our creations will guarantee some laughs and fun memories at any party or event.

Our seaside photo board collection is available for purchase or hire. Take your pick from our cheeky, postcard-style, traditional beach designs. Choose from Punch and Judy, Ethel and Ernie, Skinny Jimmy, Betty and Billy, Fat Mabel, Little Johnny, Thin Tim & Big Bertha, Doris and Dick and Strong John to add to your event. Perfect for use at festivals, fêtes, parties and family fun days.

Whether you are after a comical illustration depicting the 1950s humour of Donald McGill or a more traditional modern print, our designers can bring your ideas to life.

Unique artwork – no copycat designs, just imagery by artists who love to create fun, quirky designs.