Create your own Face in the Hole Design!

Above are just a few of the boards we have made for Britain’s charities, brands, causes and events. See our blog for more and check out our Pinterest boards for the latest face in hole boards we’ve made!

Brands use our boards to strengthen their marketing presence, charities love them for campaigns and roadshows, and events use them to enhance their image and spread news of the event. We make boards for brands such as Stella McCartney, the Royal Albert Hall, Keep Britain Tidy, National Trust, Dogs Trust, Autoglass, The BBC, Standard Fireworks, Capital FM, the Royal Air Force, Cussons Carex and many more.

These novel marketing tools can be manufactured as hand held selfie boards, freestanding face in the hole boards, folding boards for ease of transportation or large format walls for promotional photo opportunities. We can even add Augmented Reality (AR) to your boards to make them come alive via an app that enables different layers of reality to be added such as media, messages and cool augmented effects.

If you would like a custom-made bespoke Photo Cutout board, give us a call on 01842 337 100 and we’ll get our team of talented artists and designers to create the perfect board for your brand, charity or event!

If you have a particular requirement please drop us a line with as detailed request as possible to and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

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