Folding Cutout Design

Our new space saving photo cutout board design folds in half for ease of transportation and storage.

Space Saving Photo Cut Out Board

Save space! Our new photo cutout board design folds up so you can easily carry it around or put it in the back of a car. And when it’s not needed it can be stored in half the space needed for a full size standee board.

The clever design means our folding peep board is just as rigid as our one-piece board. And our folding boards can be flat packed just like one-piece boards for convenient shipping to you.

So if you think you'll need to carry your board around or transport it in a vehicle, a folding board might be the way to go. Because of the extra work involved they do cost a little more, but if it's convenience or compact storage you're after then they are an option worth considering.

The folding face-in-the-hole boards have a lightweight aluminium frame just like all the ones we make, but the boards are still sturdy and setting the photo cutouts up is just as easy at venues.

Whichever type of board you choose, why not complement it with a custom marketing prop or a set of speech bubbles? We make those too!

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