Giant Jigsaws

Giant Jigsaws

The Ultimate Team Building Activity

If you’re puzzling over what to get for a special occasion, you’ve come to the right place! We can make any image you send us into a giant jigsaw puzzle. Great for kids and grown-ups alike, this is an unforgettable gift for someone special. For double the fun we can print a different design on each side of the jigsaw for you.

Your giant jigsaw doesn’t have to be a rectangle, it can be pretty much any shape you ask for! One of the examples shown on this page is a love heart, which is a popular request for valentines, anniversaries and birthday parties. But that’s just one idea. Want one in the shape of a car? Or a boat? Or a giraffe? No problem!

You can also choose the number of pieces – from just 8 for a very easy puzzle to 64 for a bit more of a challenge. It’s a great activity and perfect photo opportunity for parties, anniversaries, weddings and events.

Made out of rigid PVC board, a Giant Jigsaw can be used indoors or outdoors in all kinds of weather. Just drop the pieces on any flat surface – a lawn, a floor, a carpet – and start assembling the puzzle. The vinyl surface is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and don’t worry about rain – the pieces are waterproof!

The images can be personalised with personal messages, hashtags, or anything else. We can even include a dry-wipe section for you to write messages in marker that can be erased and reused. Our jigsaws are robust and durable so they can be stored and used again if needed.

Giant Jigsaw Puzzles

Our jigsaws are available up to 150cm by 200cm as standard. If you require even larger, contact us to discuss possible options.

To talk about your idea for a giant jigsaw, call us on 01842 337 100 or send us an email.

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