Photo Stand-ins

Photo stand-ins are like face in hole boards but instead of face holes, there is a large aperture that displays the whole head and shoulders or entire upper body. The result is that people look to have been ‘edited in’ to the frame – with the company’s logo and branding all around them in glorious colour.

Photo stand-ins are a bit more like a photo booth – the number of people in the shot is not limited to the number of face holes. People can stand naturally behind the boards and don’t have to manoeuvre their faces into holes at particular heights.

So, it’s your call: would you like a photo stand-in or a classic face-in-the-hole board?

Weatherproof PVC Photo Stand-in boards

These children all fit into one Seabrook Crisps photo stand-in!

Photo Stand-ins Features

Photo Stand-ins Made to Measure

Each board is made bespoke for the customer. We can design it to have the aperture low down if the audience is expected to consist of mainly children, or higher up for adults.

An Ideal Marketing Tool

Photo stand-ins make a terrific marketing tool with your logo and message for people to take photos of and share on social media. The trick is to engage the public, and these boards are one of the best ways to do that. People can’t seem to resist them.

Use Indoors and Out

Each board is made bespoke for the customer. We can design it to have the aperture low down if the audience is expected to consist of mainly children, or higher up for adults.

High quality print

The print quality is the best available, due to our industry-leading large format printer. The inks we use have industry standard resistance to UV light and fading, meaning you can bring your board out again year after year looking like new. It is finished off with top-class cutting and laminating equipment for a highly professional look.

New for Christmas 2020

Christmas Photo Stand-ins

New for 2020 we have added Christmas-themed photo stand-ins to our range. Perfect for people to pose behind for festive photos. Our stock designs can be branded with your brand logo and hashtags to create a photo opportunity for sharing across social media.

View our Full Christmas Range Here
Santa's Workshop Face in Hole Board
Selfie with Elfie Photo Board

What will your photo board look like?

Think you could use a photo stand-in or face-in-the-hole board to promote your brand this year? Get in touch for more information and prices, and to talk to us about your idea. We’ll design one for you if you are unable to provide us with a design, and work on it with you until you are sure that it’s the perfect marketing tool for your brand, cause or message.

Don’t forget to check out our other styles of marketing props as well, to help you decide which type you think will work best for your brand.

And of course we have the classic custom designed face-in-the-hole boards that can be anything you want. They can be any shape and size. We have seen some very clever and creative design ideas from our customers. What would yours look like?

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