The National Self Portrait Gallery

Fancy being Richard III, Mona Lisa or the Queen Victoria?

The National Self Portrait Gallery is a unique pop-up photo wall set featuring classic paintings – with the amusing twist of having the faces cut out so people can put their faces through and have their photos taken. It has proven a hit at events like product launches, business networking meetups, and corporate events, but is equally at home at weddings, marketing events and charity fundraising drives.

The Gallery can be configured into a couple of layout options such as a ‘U’ shape gallery or and ‘L’ shape in the corner of a room. The panels are supported together to create a seamless wall of paintings and the Gallery benefits from a footprint of 25sqms.

The Gallery provides a focus point at events and an excellent photo opportunity. The overall impression of the gallery is one of dark wood, red velvet and Victorian substance.

It brings photo sharing to a new level with a novel and engaging idea for people to interact with famous art. This type of installation has proved popular among the snapparazzi – the ubiquitous smartphone camera users who love to share their photos across social media platforms.

We can also supply custom face-in-the-hole boards made to your specifications as additions to the main Gallery. These can bear branding such as logos, website and email addresses, hashtags and plus any other corporate or organisational insignia you wish to add.

The Gallery is available to hire for corporate, PR, marketing and fundraising events. We deliver the Gallery to your venue on the day of your event and we’ll set it up according to your floor plan. When the event is over we’ll take it down and whisk it away. All you need to do is tell us where to put it and enjoy the event!

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