Selfie Boards

Heating company Vaillant used this board at the launch of their in-house magazine, Advance.

Education technology company NowPressPlay are using this selfie board to promote their product.

Amex used this board at an expo to enable delegates to ‘become’ their Global Business Travel program superhero.

Put yourself in the picture!

Our handheld Selfie Boards let you bring the fun of our popular Photo Cutout boards to an even wider range of events.

Selfie Boards are an innovative new product from Photo Cutouts. Following a customer request, we created handheld boards that can be passed around at events and are much more mobile than static standing boards with feet. Customers’ needs can vary depending on the type of event and the other marketing props they are using, so sometimes photo boards you can walk around with are desirable. So, introducing the Selfie Board!

The standard size for a Selfie Board is 100cm x 80cm which is light and easy to carry around. They have two handles on the back to help maintain the face-in-the-hole illusion (it’s best not to have the holder’s hands showing at the sides.) Everything else is just like a regular photo cutout board but without the metal feet. They can be portrait or landscape, with one or two face holes (three would be a squeeze).

Selfie boards are custom made to your requirements, with image, logos, hashtags, web addresses, and messages all controlled by you. Alternatively our in-house designers can design the boards for you from start to finish. The material used is lightweight, waterproof PVC foam and the boards are framed for rigidity.

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