5 examples of public awareness campaigns with photo cutout boards

Getting people into awareness campaigns – literally!

Many of public awareness campaigns by causes, nonprofits and social enterprises have used our photo cutout boards. They make a great engagement tool to educate their audiences and help keep their campaign messages top of mind. The boards help to create a focus for people to interact with as well as a photo opportunity, and with the campaign’s message and hashtag splashed all over the board, well … photos get shared, and that amplifies the message across social.
Here are five examples of the public awareness campaign boards we have supplied.



For Fish’s Sake London was a campaign by environmental charity Hubbub. The message is clear: don’t drop litter in London where it can end up in the Thames, because it really gives aquatic life there a hard time. These boards have been used down by the river to promote awareness for their campaign.

for fish sake public awareness board


2. #Beesneeds

#BeesNeeds is a campaign by DEFRA and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to promote awareness of bees and other pollinators. London’s Carnaby Street was renamed ‘Carnabee Street’ for a week and our board was featured in part of the campaign.

Bees Needs awareness campaign board


3. Affinity Water

Here’s a slightly grainy shot from Twitter – but you can see people having fun with the board! The campaign message? Save water.

Affinity Water Campaign board


4. Keep Britain Tidy

This one needs no introduction. You might have seen these boards extensively in campaigns around the UK. The message: be a litter hero. Be like Trash Girl.

Keep Britain Tidy Awareness Board


5. Green Flag Wales

On a related note, here’s our board for Green Flag Wales, aiming to change perceptions about green spaces.

Wales Green Flag Board for Awareness Campaign
The campaign team


If you’re involved in a charity or social enterprise perhaps you’d like to raise awareness of your cause with a photo cutout board?

Why not call us today on 01842 337 100 or email us to talk about getting a board made?