Photo boards for sport promotions

Photo cutout boards from are popular with sport clubs, teams, sponsors, tournaments and venues to add an interactive visual element to matches and events.

The idea is that a colourful, fun photo board will encourage fans and the general public to take photos of themselves at the sport event, with the club or event’s name all over the board. Photos get shared on social media along with relevant hashtags, which increases exposure, interest and support.

People seem to find photo boards irresistible, so they are a good investment for boosting public engagement at sport-related events.

Here are a few examples of how they have been used by various sports organisations. We make bespoke boards with artwork provided by the customer or created by our in-house designers.


Sport: Tennis

The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading set up a Fan Zone for shoppers to watch the tennis action on a big screen. They used a hashtag to help create a buzz on social media. This helped to raise awareness of the Fan Zone and draw in extra shoppers who chose to visit the shopping centre rather than watch Wimbledon at home that day.

Wimbledon photo board

Sport: Rugby

Cardiff University Students’ Union ran a photo competition with a photo board at their Fan Zone during the Six Nations Rugby tournament. Again, there was creative use of hashtags and social media handles to spread the word.

Sport photo board rugby

Sport: Cricket

Membership club Boundless sponsored the Sussex Sharks Cricket Club and used a photo board as a perk for members at the club’s T20 matches. Members could have their photo taken with star members of the team on a photo board displaying the sponsor’s name and social hashtags.

Sport cricket sponsorship

Sport: Football

We created a super-sized double board for the German Embassy in London, featuring the men’s and women’s teams. It was a good year for German football, with the men winning the World Cup and the women winning gold at the Olympics. So they celebrated with a giant photo wall at their Embassy reception!

Sport photo standees

East Anglian rivals Norwich City FC and Ipswich Town FC have both used our photo boards, and we tried very hard not to show loyalty to either team (which was hard).

Norwich City commissioned a board of a player in Norwich kit for their youth training events. Young soccer hopefuls queued up to have their photos taken in the boots of a grown-up player, and the board encouraged them to share the photos on social media.

Sport brand promotions Norwich City FC

Ipswich Town had a board featuring their goalie in their pre-match fan zone, along with their club logo and website URL. It helped to create a buzz in the build up to matches.

Sport marketing Ipswich Town FC

Industry-leading quality

All boards are sturdy and weatherproof so they can be used outdoors. The boards are made of industrial PVC which shrugs off rainwater. The print is the highest possible quality, with inks that resist fading in sunlight. Design work is done in collaboration with the customer, with drafts sent at every stage for approval or modification until the result is perfect.

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