Photo Cutouts enhance visitor experience at Jubilee Market

Last year we had the pleasure of working on 3 bespoke photo cutout boards for Covent Garden's Jubilee Market.

A renowned destination for tourists and locals alike, the market offers a unique shopping experience with a wide range of stalls from arts and crafts to antiques and fashion. 

In a competitive tourism and retail environment, Jubilee Market aimed to stand out by providing a memorable and engaging experience for visitors. The challenge was to find a solution that was not only cost-effective and easy to implement but also capable of driving increased foot traffic and online engagement.

We chatted to Barry Stewart, Tourism and General Manager of Jubilee Market to discuss the market's success story, revealing insights into how the bespoke Photo Cutouts have enhanced visitor experience and engagement...

Visitor Engagement - inspiration behind innovation

Seeking to enhance visitor engagement and dwell time, Barry and the market's

management team wanted to add interactive elements into the visitor experience. When asked what inspired the decision to invest in bespoke Photo Cutouts, Barry shared that he had seen  the product elsewhere and were immediately drawn to its potential.

Jubilee Market bespoke photo cutout

"We wished to add to our overall dwell time and customer experience while visiting our market.

The photo boards are a great draw for the public, heritage even though modern in style of imagery and appearance and most of all fun."

Why Photo Cutouts?

Before settling on Photo Cutouts, the market team had not considered other options, as they were convinced by the product's appeal right from the start.

"We liked what we saw and it was a perfect lightweight, easy to assemble, portable product, that was also within budget, and came highly recommended." 

Collaboration with Photo Cutouts design team

Working with our design team, the Jubilee Market team provided an initial image brief, which led to a smooth and collaborative design process.

Photo Cutouts design process from sketch to final design for Jubilee Market

Impact on Visitor Engagement

The response from market visitors has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jubilee Market royal themed photo board for visitor engagement

"We find it hugely enjoyable watching people who sometimes end up in a queue to use them, having a laugh, looking at their photos they have just taken and no doubt share widely on their social media."

Extended reach

Since the introduction of the Photo Cutouts, Jubilee Market has observed a tangible increase in engagement, foot traffic, and social media interaction. Barry mentioned that they have seen a "definite noticeable and trackable increase" in their traffic on social media.


Jubilee Market's success story with bespoke Photo Cutouts stands as a testament

Jubilee Market My Fair Lady bespoke photo cutout

to the power of creativity and innovation in enhancing tourism experiences. It not only underscores the importance of choosing the right partners and products but also highlights how such investments can significantly impact engagement, enjoyment, and ultimately, business success. 

If you are looking for an interactive and engaging tool to add to your visitor experience, then get in touch with our team! We have a wealth of experience in creating fun and engaging photo opportunities, across a wide range of sectors. We'd be happy to chat through your ideas and work with you on bringing them to life!

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