Bespoke Photo Cutouts: Engaging Young Minds at Jungle Kingdom

In the heart of the bustling town of Swindon lies Jungle Kingdom, an indoor play centre beloved by families for its vibrant atmosphere and engaging activities. Always on the lookout for innovative ways to entertain and involve their young visitors, Jungle Kingdom collaborated with Photo Cutouts design team to craft a unique and interactive engagement tool.

Crafting a Bespoke Experience

Understanding the importance of immersive play in childhood development, Jungle Kingdom sought to introduce a novel attraction that would captivate the imaginations of their youngest adventurers. The goal was not just to entertain but to create memorable moments that children and their families would cherish. 

The challenge was clear: to craft a bespoke photo cutout board that would resonate with toddlers and young children, ensuring that even the smallest visitors could engage fully with this new feature. The solution? A meticulously designed cutout board with face holes positioned low to the ground, making it accessible and perfectly suited for Jungle Kingdom's pint-sized patrons.

Jungle Kingdom Bespoke Photo Cutout

The Heart of the Design: Jungle Kingdom's Mascots

The design spotlighted Jungle Kingdom's three mascots, Ozzy (Orangutan), Bella (Elephant) & Max (Lion). These characters, already close to the hearts of many children, were the perfect subjects for our photo cutout board. Bringing them to life in a vibrant, interactive setting allowed us to offer children a unique way to connect with their favorite mascots, fostering imaginative play and creating unforgettable memories.

The Impact of Interactive Play

The introduction of the bespoke photo cutout board at Jungle Kingdom has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Parents and children alike have been captivated by the opportunity to interact with the mascots in such a unique and personal way. These photo opportunities are not just about capturing a moment in time; they're about creating an interactive experience that stimulates creativity, encourages play, and fosters a deeper connection with the imaginative world of Jungle Kingdom.

Beyond a Photo Opportunity: Extending Brand Reach

One of the benefits of this bespoke photo cutout board is its role in amplifying Jungle Kingdom's online presence and brand awareness. Each photo captured is not just a memory but a potential share on social media, extending the reach of the Jungle Kingdom brand far beyond its physical location. This sharing not only highlights the fun and engagement children experience but also positions Jungle Kingdom as a must-visit destination for families.

Jungle Kingdom photo board testimonial

A Lasting Impression

Our collaboration with Jungle Kingdom showcases the heart of Photo Cutouts' mission: creating immersive, joy-filled experiences tailored to meet and exceed our clients' visions. This project underscores our adaptability and commitment to crafting bespoke photo boards that align perfectly with customer objectives, no matter how unique or specific.

Now, every visitor at Jungle Kingdom has the cherished opportunity to interact directly with the mascots, leaving not just with memories but with a branded photo of their visit. 


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