Rainbow Trusts Bespoke Photo Board at CarFest2023

Rainbow Trust's Engaging Initiative: Bespoke Photo Board for Impactful Outreach

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity is a beacon of hope for families navigating the challenges of having a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness. Their invaluable support, offered through expert Family Support Workers, helps these families cherish precious moments together. With care teams stationed across the UK, Rainbow Trust extends its compassionate aid to those in need.

Rainbow trust photo board at CarFest23

One of the significant avenues through which Rainbow Trust raises funds and spreads awareness is CarFest, a vibrant family festival initiated by Chris Evans. This event serves as a platform to support various UK Children’s Charities, including Rainbow Trust. The festival’s dynamic ambience, featuring dazzling cars, top-notch performances, culinary showcases, and encounters with renowned personalities, creates an ideal setting for charitable engagement.

The decision to incorporate a bespoke photo board into their outreach strategy was a deliberate and successful move by Rainbow Trust. Positioning the photo board at their stand effectively drew festival-goers' attention, fostering meaningful conversations about the charity's mission. It served as a focal point for interaction, capturing not only the interest of adults but also engaging children. Furthermore, when celebrities visited their stall, the photo board became a fun and memorable way to document those interactions.

Reality TV Stars Posing in Rainbow Trust Photo Board

The versatility of the photo board proved instrumental for Rainbow Trust's future events. Planned appearances at CarFest 2024 and two Rainbow Adventure Trails—family-friendly events featuring engaging checkpoints—will witness the photo board's continued utilisation. Its potential for sparking engagement and even hosting photo competitions among participants enhances the charity's outreach strategy significantly.

Rainbow Trust say the foldable nature of the photo board greatly eased transportation for their Fundraising Team, streamlining logistics for their numerous events.

"The fact that the photo board folds down makes it so much easier to transport, as our Fundraising Team are usually going to and from events in the car and it means it can easily fit in!"

In conclusion, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity’s utilization of the bespoke photo board exemplifies their commitment to innovative and engaging outreach. This strategic initiative not only amplifies their presence at events like CarFest but also ensures that their mission to support families facing immense challenges reaches a wider audience. With the dedication of Rainbow Trust and the support of initiatives like the photo board from Photo Cut Outs, hope continues to shine for families in need across the UK.