Photo Boards of 2023

12 of our Favourite Boards in 2023

Over the last 12 months, our creative team has been hard at work crafting an impressive array of large-scale print products that have garnered attention and praise. From captivating designs to championing multiple causes, our collection of photo boards stands out in their uniqueness and purpose. Each board carries its distinct appeal, making a mark in its own special way. Let's dive into this showcase and discover which of these remarkable boards have become our favourites – the ones that captivate, inspire, and embody the essence of our craft.

Let's Begin with Number 12

12. Halesowen College

This board is a spin on one of our many campervan designs. It's bright and colourful, drawing the attention of students during their 'Welcome Week'. These face-in-the-hole boards are a great ice breaker which was perfect for allowing new students to get to know one another!
Halesowen college bespoke face in the hole board

11. New Wolsey Theatre

This board was for New Wolsey Theatre and their theatrical performance of 'The Time Machine'. Photo props are ideal for theatres as they include a visual element for guests to engage with and spread awareness of your performances online! This particular board features a photograph of the actors & actresses, allowing guests to put themselves in the picture as one of the cast members!

 The time machine at Wolsey theatre photo board

10. Pocket Geek

Face-in-the-hole boards are a great way to advertise your products or brand. In this example; both! Pocket Geek was looking for a way to make their business stand out, within the design of the board they are able to easily show customers what service they provide! This design was created with intricate detail by our Photo Cutouts team.
The pocket geek bespoke face in the hole board

9. The Boat Race

This board was for Chapel Down's Annual Boat Race, they decided to go for a photo wall which featured the logos of both Chapel Down (who sponsored the race) and The Boat Race itself. It posed as the perfect backdrop for guests to snap their shots to show their support for the competitors of the race.

 the boat race photo wall

8. Jubilee Market

 This board was designed for Jubilee Market, our in-house design team worked on this to incorporate a market setting which fits perfectly with the brand. It also features their logo at the bottom centre of the board which is the perfect focal point.

 jubilee market bespoke photo board

7. Devon Air Ambulance

This board was created for Devon Air Ambulance, we love to create boards which contribute towards raising money for charities in need. This design mirrors what the charity does - helping critically ill individuals as quickly as possible by using its helicopter service over Devon & it's surrounding areas. 

Devon air ambulance bespoke photo board

6. Lichfield Festival

Lichfield Festival made it halfway to the number 1 spot! They wanted to create a perfect photo opportunity for guests, this board features all the elements of the festival that people could enjoy which added a lovely personal touch! It also features multiple face holes at different heights which is ideal for a range of ages!

Lichfield festival bespoke face in the hole board

5. Stuart Partners

This board was for the Royal Cornwall Show, it added an extra element of fun to their stand whilst promoting their company. The cut-out acted as a window screen which visitors could pose behind and post their photos online. 

Stuart Partners bespoke stand in photo board

4. West Suffolk Council

This face-in-the-hole board was created for West Suffolk Council, who were hosting a screening of Peter & the Wolf at Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds. This photo prop helped to encourage viewers to share their experience of the screening online. The board also featured a QR code with a direct link to buy tickets, making it easy and accessible for guests!

West Suffolk Peter and the Wolf board

3. Here East

 The 2023 festive season is well upon us and this year Here East decided to run a little 'Merry Making' party to celebrate the Christmas season. The theme focused on Narnia, so what better way to promote the event than with a bespoke face-in-the-hole board featuring some of the characters from the classic novels!

Here East Winter Board

2. Rainbow Trust

This board was designed for Rainbow Trust, for the Annual Car Fest 2023. The purpose of the festival is to help raise funds for UK's Children's charities. Photo props are great for raising awareness for charities, Rainbow Trust specialises in bespoke support for families who have a child with a serious illness. 

Rainbow Trust Bespoke Board

1. Quadram Institute 

This board was designed as an outreach tool for an educational science event! There are many reasons this board made it to the top spot! We love the way this board is designed with so much colour, attracting visitors to engage with the board. The tool is also designed to teach and inform guests of the bacteria inside your body, photo boards are a great way to educate in your desired field and create a fun way to learn! By adding logos and social handles it also entices people to share photos online and search your brand/company (which engages them after they've attended the event!)

Quadram Institute Bespoke Board
There you have it! Our favourite boards of 2023! We have so many other designs we loved creating, head over to our socials to see more of what our team has been up to this year! We can't wait to see what 2024 brings!