4 Bespoke Boards for Think Tank Science Museum

Have you heard the latest buzz from the Birmingham Think Tank Science Museum? They've kicked things up a notch by adding something exciting! Recently, in a bid to spice up the visitor experience, they introduced a new activity - a set of four unique face-in-the-hole boards. And with a bespoke touch, they've been tailored so each one is carefully themed to match up with the museum's top exhibits!

The Planetarium 

This bespoke board features 2 scientists discovering the planet Mars, visitors can put their faces in the holes and become an astronaut! The picture also includes Earth and Venus in the background alongside a spaceship flying through the solar system!

Space themed face in the hole board for think tank science museum in birmingham

The museum's aim is to drive in more visitors, take selfies, and share those snaps all over social media. It's like a treasure hunt—only instead of finding treasure, you're finding awesome photo opportunities!

Steam Locomotive

The most favoured board has been the recreation of the iconic City of Birmingham Steam Locomotive. People have always loved this classic exhibit at the museum, and now, younger visitors have this awesome, interactive way to dive into its history. It's been a huge hit—everyone's loving it!

 City of Birmingham Steam Locomotive photo board

These boards aren't disappearing anytime soon. Think Tank have decided to use the boards as a permanent part of the museum. Visitors are loving them, striking poses, and sharing the joy online. It's like a ripple effect—more pictures mean more curiosity about what's happening at the museum!

However, the museum isn't just about the fun (even though it's a big part!). They're using social media to show off their fantastic exhibits to a whole new audience. It's like giving everyone a sneak peek behind the scenes!


  Wildlife at think tank museum photo board       Dinosaur face in the hole board for think tank museum


These two boards are featured on level 2, where you can find out all about the diversity of life on Earth! This floor features fossils, skeletons and wildlife which is an important part of how our world has formed to what it is today.

These boards aren't just props; they're the museum's way of saying, "Come be a part of the action!" So, next time you're in Birmingham, make sure to swing by the museum and hop into one of these boards. It's not just a photo op—it's your chance to make history, one snap at a time!