Photo Props for Peter & the Wolf Live Screening

Immerse yourself in a captivating live screening experience at Bury St Edmunds' Abbey Gardens from December 7th to 10th. Be enchanted by the timeless tale of Peter & the Wolf presented with live orchestral accompaniment by Orpheus Sinfonia. This Oscar®-winning short film adaptation transports audiences into a magical world where bravery triumphs over fear. The covered, weather-proof auditorium on the Old Bowls Green guarantees a comfortable viewing experience, while food stalls in Abbey Gardens offer delectable treats. Snuggle up with blankets for added cosiness during this family-friendly event, perfect for all ages. Ticket prices and screen timings can be found on their website.

peter and the wolf photo board

Adding to the Experience

In enhancing the experience of the live screening at Abbey Gardens, event organisers have chosen to enhance engagement by procuring a unique, custom-designed photo board from Photo Cutouts. Positioned strategically across the screening venue, this board will serve as an inviting photo prop for guests, allowing them to capture memorable moments while attending the event. Not only does it offer a fun and interactive element, but it also acts as a powerful social tool. Guests sharing their pictures on social media platforms will not only heighten their experience but also spark curiosity and generate more interest in the event. This engaging initiative is anticipated to draw a larger audience, amplifying the event's reach and impact within the community.

face in the hole board peter and the wolf screening

Our Boards

Our photo boards are crafted with waterproof and weatherproof materials, ensuring durability and resilience against various weather conditions. Specifically designed for outdoor settings, these boards boast a robust construction that withstands rain, wind, and other environmental elements, guaranteeing longevity and maintaining their vibrant appearance.

U pin pegging photo board legs don for security

For screenings held in open-air venues like Abbey Gardens, where exposure to the elements is inevitable, we would recommend reinforcing for stability. To ensure a secure setup, each board is equipped with sturdy legs that have been securely pegged into the ground by the organisers using U pins. This strategic anchoring prevents any potential movement or instability, allowing guests to confidently engage with the boards as photo props while enjoying the event without any concerns about their stability. Rest assured, our weatherproof boards are primed to withstand the outdoor elements and provide a reliable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Face in the Hole Experience

These boards bring an exhilarating aspect to the event by allowing guests to step into the shoes of various characters. The interactive nature of these boards aligns perfectly with the screening event, enabling attendees to engage with multiple characters in a playful and immersive way. The precision-cut face holes provide an authentic touch, seamlessly integrating participants into the scenes depicted on the boards. In a unique twist, one of the boards was tailored with a small incision for eye holes, enhancing the sneaky appearance of the wolf character. This innovative customisation proved to be a standout addition, adding a distinctive and intriguing dimension to the boards.

eye holes in wolf character for face in the hole board reverse of face in the hole board

 As you can see, West Suffolk Council also opted to add a QR code which linked right to the page to buy tickets for the event. This adds ease to the customer's experience making them more likely to spread the word about the event!