The Great North Run Celebrate with a Bespoke Photo Board

The Great North Run, a pinnacle event in the world of distance running, has always been more than just a race—it's a celebration of community, perseverance, and achievement. In an endeavour to amplify the event experience and capture the essence of this iconic run, the collaboration between the advertising agency GetMeMedia and the creative minds at Photo Cutouts came up with the perfect design. Their joint effort focused on crafting an innovative and interactive photo board, meticulously designed to encapsulate the vibrancy and spirit of the Great North Run. By seamlessly blending the event's essential elements into the photo board design, they aimed to offer participants a unique opportunity to commemorate their involvement while embracing the true essence of this renowned running extravaganza.

north great run photoboard with runner photoboard at great north run with participant


One of the key contributions Solgar made to the event was providing runners with essential nutritional support and guidance. They offered expert advice on pre-race nutrition, hydration strategies, and post-race recovery, ensuring that participants had the knowledge and tools to optimize their performance and well-being. Solgar's range of high-quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements became a cornerstone in the runners' preparation, aiding them in achieving their fitness goals.

great north run participants celebrating in front of photo boardphoto board being used as a photo prop at great north run

Photo Props

To further enhance the event experience, Photo Cutouts supplied an eye-catching photo wall that added an element of fun and excitement. This prop served as a fantastic backdrop, where runners could strike a pose and capture memorable moments. GetMeMedia (The Great Run's Advertising Agency) got in touch with Photo Cutouts to create an engaging backdrop. This not only created delightful photo opportunities but also added a sense of fellowship among the participants.

The synergy between Solgar, AJ Bell Great Run and Photo Cutouts created an environment that emphasised not only the physical aspect of running but also the holistic wellness of each participant. By combining fitness, nutrition, and fun, the event became a platform where individuals were not just running a race, but also investing in their well-being.

As the runners crossed the finish line, they didn't just celebrate their achievements in miles covered; they celebrated their commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Solgar's support and partnership in the AJ Bell Great Run played a pivotal role in empowering individuals to strive for wellness excellence, both on and off the track. As well as exemplifying the fusion of fitness, wellness, and enjoyment. It encapsulated the spirit of a community coming together to embrace a healthy way of life while cherishing the unforgettable moments captured amidst the race excitement.

Photo board supplied by photo cutouts for the great run

The AJ Bell Great Run, with Solgar as the official wellness partner and Photo Cutouts providing the perfect photo opportunities, not only elevated the event experience but also inspired participants to embark on a journey towards holistic well-being—one step, one pose, and one smile at a time.