Celebrating Channel 4’s 40th Birthday with Mega Cards

Channel 4 recently celebrated its 40th birthday, commemorating the occasion with two giant cards, which the public presented to the staff. 

Sir Peter Bottomley MP (left) and Jamie Stone MP (right) outside Channel 4’s offices in London


Currently, Channel 4 is a British free-to-air public broadcast television network. Despite their success in entertaining it’s UK audience over the last 40 years, the government recently announced plans to privatise the network.

Days before the channels birthday – the 2nd of November, MP Andrew Mitchell mentioned he and the Chancellor aren’t interested in making the channel private. To combat the government’s criticised privatisation plans, supporters of the station pledged the Channel 4 ain’t broke campaign against them.

This campaign highlights that the publicly owned broadcaster can fund enough money through advertising. The channel does not need taxpayers to contribute to the cost of production. A statistic that backs this up is the 2021 profits. Channel 4 profited £74 million during the year; this contributed towards the broadcasters training, content, and businesses.

Inside of Mega Card – Logo’s of independent production companies supporting the campaign


The card printed for Channel 4’s 40th birthday highlights their first broadcast 40 years ago. Inside the card are 40 printed logos. These are the logos of independent production companies who signed the Channel4 campaign to keep the channel in public hands.


Why choose Mega Cards?

Following the design created for Channel4, we are able to create completely bespoke cards. The giant cards we produce have been designed for unique and tailored customisation. From the front cover, to the message on the inside and much more; what about your company’s logo and social networking handles to encourage customer participation online?

Correx card


We have a range of templates for our customers to select from. Alternatively, send us your artwork and we can print this onto your card too! Our cards are made from Correx, which is a light-weight but durable and sturdy material. This is the perfect material to use, as it creates a great backing for our high quality, vibrant vinyl prints! If we compare this to cardboard, it is much stronger, and is able to endure outdoor events and withstand typical weather conditions. The strength of Correx allows the card to stand alone and hold it’s weight without need for any additional support. We stock a range of sizes, starting at 50 x 75cm and go up to 122 x 183cm – that’s 6 feet tall!


“To put it simply, there is nothing quite like Channel 4. For 40 years, it has been a hugely innovative and successful broadcaster with a unique place in the creative British broadcasting economy. In many areas, Channel 4 pioneers a broad diversity of views and voices. It supports UK regions by moving beyond regional accents to the other things that shape us culturally and ethically, enabling us to appreciate our own national diversity and at the same time creating greater coherence and commitment to each other within that diversity. I believe that to privatise the broadcaster would not only be to compromise it but to be in danger of destroying it.”

– The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell. 


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