How to Engage your Audience with Photo CutOuts.

Photo opportunities are a great way to engage with your audience, they encourage a memorable interaction between brands and clients. That’s why photo boards are an ideal way to promote your company, product or event! Photo CutOuts strive off our unbeatable quality prints and our large scale formats – making us one of the most popular business’ for photo marketing in the UK.

One of our recent clients decided to purchase a series of large scale photo boards from us. Bewl Water is a well established parkland, therefore they already have an acknowledged style. Although, at Photo CutOuts, we have the capabilities to create bespoke artwork for you if you’re stuck between ideas. Bewl Water have an extremely large audience, visitors of all ages enjoy a stroll around the largest reservoir in the South-East.

Read more about how they chose to engage with these visitors below.

 staff at Bewl Water putting their faces in the cutout holes for christmas photo

Bewl Water requested a large cut out of their mascot – The Ranger Bear. As you can imagine, a life sized bear is a great way to interact with children! Not only is this interactive for children, but parents are encouraged to take pictures to create memories with their family. Even more so at Christmas!

As well as displaying the large cut out at their parkland, they also shared the images on their social pages. This is a really good way to let your audience know what activities you have available.


Sharing Images on Social Media

As you can see, here is an example of how Bewl Water shared their images online. They also used images of their customers, which involves a personal element, this is a positive way to encourage sharing and promotion online.

''We’ve been so pleased with everything we received from you, so much so that I’ve just placed another order with Ash for more selfie frames for post Christmas!''

– Sunisa Avery, Head of Offline Marketing


Photo Opportunity Ideas to Engage

  • Face-in-the-hole-boards – They aren’t just for kids! They are a great way for adults to join in the fun too!
  • Giant Cut Outs – As shown above, The Mascot Bear is an excellent eye-catching stand in for everybody to enjoy.
  • Selfie Boards – These are perfect for any event as they are more portable than our other products. With secure handles on the back they are designed like a frame to put your face in the middle!
  • Photo Walls – These are great for a background of a photo, read our case study on how Hempsted Valley Shopping Centre purchased a photo wall to interact with their audience

We have many other fully customisable products on our webpage, so why not take a look and see how to market your brand using photo based products?