Why Photo Boards are the Perfect Engagement Tool for Travel, Tourism & Holiday Parks

Photo Boards Are The Perfect Engagement Tool

Photo boards are a great engagement tool which help to showcase your travel experiences and create lasting memories that you can share with your family and friends. In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. We love to share our experiences and memories with others, and what better way to do so than through photos? This is where photo boards come in.

Travel and tourism go hand in hand. People travel to different parts of the world to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. It’s a way to escape from the routine of everyday life and to recharge one’s batteries. When people go on holiday, they want to capture all the fun and exciting moments they experience, and photo boards are the perfect way to do that. With photo boards you can encourage people to take pictures and share them online. This can create a buzz and generate interest in your destination, attracting more tourists to visit.


Holiday Parks

Holiday parks, in particular, are ideal locations for photo boards. These parks often have many amenities and attractions that entice families in with their interactive activities. From the swimming pool to the playground, holiday parks offer plenty of opportunities for people to make memories and capture these within pictures.

Pontins 4 face hole board of cartoon animals

As well as photo boards, Photo Cutouts also offer many other products. One of which is face-in-the-hole boards, these have a similar effect to photo boards, however seem to generate a much more fun and silly photograph, comparing to photo boards which tend to promote awareness of a destination or brand.



If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to engage visitors, then face in the hole boards are a great option. These boards (which feature a cut-out hole where visitors can place their face), are a great way to create memorable experiences and increase social media engagement.


Here are just a few reasons why face in the hole boards are good for travel, tourism, and holiday parks:



Face-in-the-hole boards are a great way to engage visitors and create fun, interactive experiences. People love taking photos of themselves in silly situations, and face in the hole boards provide the perfect opportunity to do just that. Visitors will love the opportunity to put their face in a funny or interesting setting. It’s a great way to create memories that they’ll cherish for years to come.



In today’s social media age, having shareable content is more important than ever. Face-in-the-hole boards provide the perfect opportunity for visitors to snap a photo and share it on their social media channels. This promotes your location to their friends and followers. This can help to increase your visibility and attract more visitors.



Whether you’re a beachside holiday park or a nature-focused tourism attraction, face-in-the-hole boards can be customised to fit your theme. From pirate-themed boards to wildlife-inspired options, the possibilities are endless. This means that you can create a unique experience that reflects your brand and encourages visitors to share their experience.

At Photo Cutouts we are able to either use a design provided by you, or we can create you a completely bespoke design. Either way we can add your companies logo, hashtags, social handles, include any brand colours and fonts. This way, customers will recognise your business almost instantly with your distinct features.



Face in the hole boards are a relatively low-cost option for travel, tourism, and holiday parks. They can be designed & printed in-house. Our boards are also designed for year after year use as they are made to withstand wear & tear making them durable, even in typical British weather. They can also provide a great return on investment, by turning new customers in from awareness spread online.



At the end of the day, face in the hole boards are all about creating a positive visitor experience. When visitors have fun and engaging experiences at your location, they’re more likely to leave positive reviews, recommend your park to their friends and family, and return for future visits.


In conclusion, photo boards are a fun and interactive way to engage visitors to your travel, tourism, or holiday park. They encourage social media sharing, can be customised to fit your theme, by adding your logo, hashtags, social media handles & much more. They create a positive visitor experience that can help to increase your visibility and attract more visitors to your location. If you’re looking for a unique way to promote your park and create lasting memories for your visitors, then Photo Cutouts are a great option to consider.