Photo Cutouts for summer festivals

At Photo Cutouts we are busy in preparation for the busy summer festival season. Line-ups have been announced, 2020 event calendars all planned in.

Photo Cutout boards are hugely popular with planners of summer events – after all, our love for the funny photo board does originate from our traditional, British seaside heritage.

But our board designs can cater for a whole range of themes, not just seaside.

Bespoke, branded photo cutouts have been used by event planners of local council and BID summer events, right up to larger music festivals.


Why Photo Cutouts for engagement at festivals?


Fun for all ages

They make a fun photo opportunity for adults and children alike. Head holes can be positioned at different heights. Boards can be sized to accommodate one or two faces holes, right up to 4 or 5 face holes. Great for group or family shots.


Mead Farm Oinkfest photo cutout


No technology required!

Photo cutout boards are a low-tech engagement tool for festival-goers. No electricity is needed for set-up, no power cords, just attach on the steel feet with a nut and bolt either side. All that’s needed from the festival-goer is a bit of life in their smartphone to take some snaps.


Making memories

A branded photo cutout board makes a great takeaway photo opportunity at summer events. People are drawn to them as they begin to picture the perfect pose for the board design. Often creating hilarious results.

carrex rollercoaster face in the hole board

Carex & Alton Towers #rollercoasterface photo board


Social sharing

Funny photo board snaps are often shared across social media. Visitors will extend your event marketing across the social channels as they post photos to friends and family. Why not run a photo competition at your summer event and encourage people to share photos in your photo cutout using a particular hashtag? Increase engagement and reward visitors at the same time!

Rohan_BestInShow photo cutout board
#RohanBestInShow photo competition



Unlike cardboard variants, our photo cutout boards are made from a waterproof, industrial PVC. A must-have for an outdoor event during our Great British Summer! They won’t blow over in mild-moderate wind – you could even weight the feet with sandbags if there’s a windy forecast on your event date.

As they are waterproof, the board can even double-up as a wet sponge board for festival-goers to cool off.


Wet-sponge-face in the hole board


Lightweight and portable

The boards are lightweight enough to be transported to different locations at your event. You could place the cutout at the initial entrance for visitors on arrival and then move to another high footfall location later.


Use year after year

Due to the durable material and the flat-packed storage, photo cutout boards can be used time and time again. The quality print is not easily damaged, we have hire stock that looks just as good now as it did the day it was printed. If you host a yearly summer event, then have one thing ticked off your “visitor engagement” list, year after year.


Some examples of festival photo cutouts


Madness band_Photo Cutout board


Madness – this board was actually used at an internal event but is a good example of how we can recreate iconic band images, face-in-the-hole style, should you have a big act headlining this year.

Halifax BID_Food and Drink Festival photo cutout


Halifax BID has purchased a number of photo cutout boards for different events across their calendar. Here is the creative used for their Food and Drink Festival photo cutout. They also have boards for Easter, Halloween and for Yorkshire Day! 


Camp Bestival Big Fish Little Fish Photo Cutout board


Camp Bestival is one of the top family-friendly music festivals of the summer events calendar. So a family-focussed photo cutout made a great engagement tool. In a similar style to The Beatles Yellow Submarine, the design linked to music at the time as engaging a younger audience. 


Sunderland-Council_Roker Pier photo cutout board


Sunderland Council chose to personalise our stock Thin Tim and Big Bertha photo cutout with the Roker Pier logo. This is a good, cost-effective option when looking to add logos and stick to a particular theme.


Festival theme photo board


Campervans are synonymous with music festivals, so our design team have incorporated a VW Campervan into the East Anglian Festival Network photo cutout. The van can be in your brand colours and customised with relevant hashtags and logos for your event.


Get in touch

If you are looking for fun, engaging photo opportunity at your summer event, then get in touch. Our team would be happy to talk through the range of designs, sizes and personalisation options.


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