KTM Purchase Bespoke Board for Motorsport Event

KTM Motorsport Event

KTM is a well-known brand in the world of motorsports, known for their high-performance motorcycles and competitive racing teams. The motorcycle brand is currently traveling around the UK with experience events for fans. One of the highlights of these events is a bespoke photoboard. The Photocutouts board helped to interact with visitors and create a memorable experience.

The KTM events are a great experience for motocross lovers. Attendees get to talk to experts about the technology and design behind the bikes. Guests may also test-ride some of the models, whether they’re beginner or expert! To add to the excitement, KTM wanted to create an interactive experience that would engage visitors and create a lasting memory of the event.

KTM motorbike from KTMOfficial instagram

Bespoke Photoboard

They decided to purchase a bespoke face-in-the-hole board, customised with their branding and design. The board featured a backdrop that resembled a dusty track, complete with a KTM motorcycle. Also featured on the face-in-the-hole board was the brand’s social platforms and hashtags. Visitors could pose behind the board and take a picture, which they could then share on social media, letting other fans know they’re there!

guest of KTM show with photocutouts board

Customer Photo’s

The photoboard was a hit with visitors, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to snap fun memories with their friends and family. The KTM team also used the photoboard as a way to interact with visitors, asking them to strike different facial expressions and encouraging them to share their pictures online.


Sharing on Social Media

In addition to the photoboard, the motorcycle brand also had a social media team on hand to help visitors share their pictures and engage with the brand online. This helped to generate buzz around the event and reach a wider audience.

Overall, the motorsport events are a great success, and the bespoke board played an important role in creating an interactive and memorable experience for visitors. By using the board to engage with visitors and encourage social media sharing, KTM was able to extend the reach of the event beyond the venue itself, and create a lasting impression with fans of the brand.

KTM has many more events around the UK in 2023 and you can find their calendar dates on their website.


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