York Light Theatre Purchase Cutout Board to Create a Sense of Community


Cutout boards have been around for many years and have been used at a variety of events and locations. A couple of these include amusement parks, boardwalks, fairs, festivals, and theatres. They’re a popular attraction because they offer a fun and unique way for people to capture memories and interact with a particular theme or concept.

Our cutout boards can be designed to fit any theme or event. For example, they can feature cartoon characters, movie stars, historical figures, or local landmarks. They can also be customised with personalised messages, logos, or branding for corporate events or promotional campaigns.



Theatre is a wonderful art form that has the ability to transport us to another world and tell us stories that we will never forget. For a theatre company, engaging with your audience is crucial for building relationships and creating a sense of community. One way to do this is by using a photo board, which can be a fun and interactive way to involve your guests in the theatre experience.

sweeney todd photo board for york light theatre

Sweeney Todd at York Light Theatre

We recently printed a bespoke cutout board for York Light Theatre for one of their popular shows, Sweeney Todd. Let’s explore how York Light Theatre used their photo board to engage with guests at their production of Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney Todd is a musical thriller that tells the story of a barber who seeks revenge on those who have wronged him. The York Light Theatre Company’s production of Sweeney Todd was a hit with audiences, and they wanted to find a way to engage with them even further. That’s when they came up with the idea of a photo board.

Our photo boards are essentially a large frame with cutouts for people to put their faces through. The York Light Theatre Company wanted a photo board that featured the characters from Sweeney Todd. The board was set-up in the foyer of the theatre, guests took photos with their faces in the cutouts. These could then be shared on social media and feature the theatres unique hashtag #attendthetale.

Cast members putting their faces in the holes of sweeney todd board

Cutouts are a Huge Hit!

The photo board created a buzz around the production, and people were excited to share their photos on social media. This helped to spread the word about the show and attract more people to come and see it.

Also, the board helped to create a sense of community among theatre-goers. People who took photos with the board were able to bond over their shared love of Sweeney Todd and theatre in general. This helped to make the theatre experience more memorable for everyone involved.

In addition to being fun and interactive, the photo board was also a cost-effective way to engage with guests. It didn’t require any expensive technology or equipment, and it was easy to set up and take down.

The York Light Theatre Company was able to create a memorable experience for their guests. We recommend a photo prop to help engage with guests and we have a huge range at photo cutouts, so why not take a look!


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