Giant Jigsaws for Fire Safety

Education isn't just confined to textbooks; sometimes, the most valuable lessons are learned through hands-on experiences that challenge us to think critically, collaborate effectively, and master essential life skills. One of our latest clients, Junior Citizens wanted to add a little more fun to their education process. Adding a giant jigsaw to their learning days also helps to create a more team-orientated exercise that encourages team-building skills. Creating an opportunity that transcends traditional classroom learning, with six crucial subjects, cleverly interwoven into an engaging and thought-provoking Giant Puzzle.

Young Learning

From Fire Safety that ignites the importance of quick thinking, to First Aid training that equips our young minds with life-saving techniques, and even Dog Safety, Bus and Tube Safety, and Exploitation awareness that foster street-smart decision-making, this puzzle wasn’t just about solving pieces; it's about piecing together knowledge that could safeguard young peoples' futures.


The jigsaw was designed with all 6 subjects in mind, with a montage designed for Junior Citizens. Students were split into teams with the goal of completing the puzzle as quickly as possible. John, Road safety officer says ‘Groups discussed how to work most efficiently as a team, devised a plan then attempted to complete the puzzle in the quickest time. Times ranged from 3 to 10 minutes.’

The image provided by John Butcher, Road Safety Officer, was carefully printed by our team and hand cut. The image selected was to represent the Junior Citizens Trust, Staff mentioned the quality was excellent, and the team building exercise a great success!

giant jigsaw for fire safety


Our bespoke jigsaws are made from PVC board, making them waterproof, ready for use indoors or outdoors. The vinyl surface makes the puzzle easy to wipe clean, permitting any spillages or marks. The picture on the jigsaw can be anything, from logos, to montages, scenes or photographs. We can also personalise your jigsaws with hashtags or personal messages. Standard sizes go up to 150cm X 200cm, although if you require larger, just get in touch with our team. We can also print in a range of shapes, the options with our giant jigsaws are unlimited!