NHS Celebrate 75th Birthday with Giant Card

A giant card for a very important birthday! We celebrate as our NHS turns 75! On this special occasion, this giant card was signed by members of the Parliament to commemorate our wonderful NHS!

Virendra-Sharma signing nhs giant birthday card

About 38 Degrees

38 Degrees are a UK-based campaigning organisation that focuses on various social and political issues. In this instance, hundreds of thousands of people joined to wish the NHS a happy birthday via their petitioning website. As well as having a digital signage to wish the NHS a Happy Birthday, 38 Degrees wanted to make a visual and physical gesture to show to NHS how much the people of Britain appreciate their continued support.

How did Photo Cutouts help? 

38 Degrees approached Photo Cutouts with a request, seeking to purchase an impactful card. Through insightful conversations and collaborative efforts between the 38 Degrees team and our professionals at Photo Cutouts, a decision was made to create not one, but two, grand 6- foot cards. One of these cards would feature an innovative dry wipe front, allowing messages to be penned and erased at will. These carefully crafted cards served as a communal canvas, enabling members of the public to inscribe their heartfelt appreciation for the NHS while fostering a tangible connection with their sentiments.

Printing & Shipping

Our team expertly handled the printing of these distinctive cards. Once finalised, the cards embarked on a journey to the halls of Parliament, where Members of Parliament were given the honour of affixing their signatures—a symbol of commendation—for the NHS's enduring 75-year legacy. With the completion of this significant undertaking, 38 Degrees expressed their satisfaction and contentment with the final product. It was a resounding success, achieving the organisation's noble objectives in support of the NHS.

MP Kim Leadbeater signing drywipe NHS card to celebrate 75th birthday

MP Kim Leadbeater Signing Drywipe NHS card to celebrate 75th birthday


As you can envision, a significant amount of discussion stemmed from these imposing cards. Several press releases showcased the card, including Dewsbury News capturing the attention of a substantial portion of the British populace, resulting in an impressive collection of over 100,000 signatures in support of the NHS. This remarkable achievement owes its credit to the innovative minds at 38 Degrees, who conceived the brilliant idea of crafting these cards for the purpose of celebration.

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members of parliament signing NHS giant card for 75th birthday

Members of Parliament signing Birthday card for NHS


‘’ I just want to say that we were very happy with the product and James in particular was very helpful!! We did manage to take the cards to Parliament for a reception with a number of MPs, who were also very delighted to see it. ‘’ 
-Michael Bailey, 38 Degrees